MegaOhm Motorsports started as a hobby, providing & building the highest quality parts, assemblies, solutions & designs to friends and other hobbiests.  We utilize our keen eye for detail,  high craftsmanship & only using materials that will enable our products to outlast anything else on the market.  Along with leveraging several years of being in the manufacturing & engineering industry, we are real world engineers who put themselves in the customers shoes to design products that are quick and easy to install.  We aren't the kind of engineers that design and place things in inaccessable areas.  We are gearheads and automotive enthusiasts just like most of our customers, and we strive to design with that foot foward. 

Our goal here is simple, and a lot like to preach this but it seems nobody actually wants to practice it: affordable & high quality.  The aftermarket automotive industry has become out of control with price gouging.  As gearheads and automotive enthusiasts ourselves, nothing is worse than overpaying for a product.  So we not only want to set the standard of autmotive parts quality, but we want to be so affordable that if we had an accountant, they would be pulling his hair out.  They wouldn't understand anyways, were in it because building & making parts is fun, not about the money.  

Enjoy our high quality products, and thank you for supporting a tiny Michigan based business that's trying to make a difference!  


All orders are hand built in the order they are received, so your order can either ship the same day or take up to 7 business days before it ships due to any existing backlog of orders that are before yours.  If you need your order rushed, please contact me, or put it in the notes of your order so I can do my best to get your parts in your hands.  This not only depends on volume but quality as well.  I will not compromise the quality of any kits just to get a few extra out the door the next day since my reputation is built upon quality at an extremely affordable cost. 

By default, we use Priority Mail to not only ship your pacakge quickly, but to cover it from an insurance standpoint if it gets lost.  If your package is lost in the mail, please contact me with your order number so we can start a claim and work on getting another one sent to you. 

Canadian customers will only have 1 shipping option (First Class International) and while I feel like the cost for shipping to Canada is overpriced, it’s the cheapest price I could get anywhere, and it doesn’t even include insurance sadly, however I will work with anyone that ends up getting a lost shipment. 

If your order was placed with an incorrect shipping address, please contact us ASAP to fix it.  If your order is already in transit, we advise you track the package down yourself, contact USPS, or else place a new order as its out of our control at that point sadly. 


Always drive with caution and always check your surroundings before operating your vehicle.  All products offered by MegaOhm Motorsports LLC are for off-road use only.  MegaOhm Motorsports LLC accepts no liability for loss or damage to people or property or consequential damages.  Purchasing this device means you are installing & using this device at your own risk and understand that you are 100% liable for anything thereafter. 


All first gen speaker delete kits will be replaced with a Gen 2 kit if any failures occur within the first year of ownership.  I will require proof of failure for any replacement units to be sent out. 

Second Gen speaker delete kits are under a 1-year limited warranty at my discretion, requiring proof of failure and the faulty unit to be returned to me.  Replacement units do not ship until your original unit is returned.  

Wireless Bypass kits are under a 1 year limited warranty.  Replacements for faulty units will require return of the original unit before your repalcement is shipped to you.  

All sales are final, returns and exchanges are not possible.