Ford External Speaker Bypass Kit

  • Ford External Speaker Bypass Kit

Youtube Review and Install
Youtube Review

Ford's latest hybrids implement an external speaker that produces a loud garbage truck like beeping noise in reverse. Additionally, the speaker will create a UFO-like noise as well if you are traveling forward in electric mode under 20MPH. This is not favorable to those who live in quiet neighborhoods and depart in the early hours or come home late at night, or if you need to creep into your hunting spot, or if you just don't want the added attention, or if you just enjoy the peace and quiet things of life. One of the best benefits of the recent electrification of our vehicles is how quiet they can be when these devices are removed from the equation. This kit will allow you to bypass your Ford Hybrid's External Speaker without dash errors.

The bypass module is fully potted, utilizes marine-grade wire, all joints are double-soldered, and an adhesive-sealant-lined shrink tube is used to guarantee joint integrity, waterproofing and strain relief. Genuine OEM connectors, terminals, and wire seals are used to guarantee quality and 100% fitment for your Ford Hybrid. Its much faster to install and undetectable to dealerships compared to the Forscan method!

• F150 - 15mm socket only, 10 minute install 1/5 Difficulty
• Maverick - 7mm socket & flat blade screwdriver 3/5 Difficulty
• Mach E - No tools needed! 1/5 Difficulty
• 2021+ Escape Hybrid - 9/32" socket 4/5 Difficulty

Please note, install of this kit for the Escape is much more difficult compared to the F150 due to tight quarters, but is 100% doable with patience.

No tools needed for the Mach-E. If you have a model other than the F150, please send an email so the proper instructions can be sent with your order.

These kits are hand-built in Michigan. This kit was not designed in one night and has been revised several times to achieve exactly what the customer wants and would expect. No corners are cut and never will be. This is a one man operation - with that being said, your order can take up to 5 business days until it's dropped in the mail depending on any existing backlog of orders. If you need your order rushed, please contact me with your order number

The kit will come with the following:
• 100% Waterproof PnP Bypass Module
• TPU Cavity Plug to protect speaker terminals
• Zip Tie
• Color printed, vehicle specific installation instructions

• ALL F-150 PowerBoost Hybrid Trucks
• ALL Maverick Hybrid Trucks
• ALL Mustang Mach-E ***SEND MESSAGE
• 2021+ Escape Hybrid
• 2021+ Explorer Hybrid ***SEND MESSAGE

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