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Polaris Brake Sensor Bypass Key


Ever been stranded in the woods or on a trail due to a failed brake pressure sensor that Polaris continues to ignore? Our plug and play bypass key is here to save the day by temporarily duplicating the brake pressure signal to the ECU, allowing you to start your SXS and get you back to your camp or trailer. Simply keep this on your keychain or in the glovebox so it is always ready to save the day.

The signs of a failed brake pressure switch is when you are unable to roll the engine over even if you are stepping on the brake. If the sensor has failed (as it commonly does), unplug the harness from the master cylinder and plug our bypass key in. Hop back in, start your sxs and unplug the bypass.

Don't risk damaging your OEM harness with a foreign object. Our plug and play bypass key will not damage your harness like other objects would. This is a piece of cheap insurance!

Fitment: All Polaris SXS's

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