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Ford Billet Fuel Door Pin


Ford really dropped the ball with the fuel door on the PowerBoost & Maverick Hybrid. Numerous owners have snapped their plastic fuel door pins and had to buy a whole fuel door assembly to replace it since the pin doesn't have its own part number. Average cost to have the dealer fix it is upwards of $300.

Our redesigned Billet Fuel Door Pin features:
• CNC machined out of 6061 aluminum
• 2 step black hard coat anodize that meets MIL-PRF-8625F spec
• 316 Stainless hardware and fasteners
• Redesigned engagement slot for better fuel door lock engagement
• Pin head redesign to eliminate the “crunch” heard when closing the door
• TPU shim included if your boot is missing
• 100% proudly manufactured in Michigan!

The anodizing we use produces superior harness and density and allows it to wear better than hardened steels. It also gives a very low friction coefficient and requires zero maintenance. Simply install it and never worry again.

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The kit will come with the following items:
• MIL-PRF-8625F Anodized 6061 Billet Fuel Door Pin Assembly
• Vehicle Specific Color Instructions

• F150 PowerBoost
• Maverick Hybrid

You have two choices: upgrade it now to our Billet solution for peace of mind or be annoyed by a constant ding in the cabin that your fuel door is open when it does snap. This not only disables electric mode, but it also opens you up to potential fuel theft if left broken. It's not a matter of if it will break it’s a matter of when.

***If you are missing your rubber boot, please use the included shim***

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