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Ski Doo/Lynx Gen 5 Glove Box Spring


Is your glove box not latching properly? Ski Doo made a terrible design flaw when they decided to use a plastic leaf spring which has caused many customers tons of frustration. As temperatures drop, the leaf spring force degrades. Restore function to your glove box by installing our Stainless Steel spring assist and never be frustrated again by poor latch engagement! The mod takes 5 seconds to install, and its construction consists of robust 95A TPU and 304 Stainless.

Some other notes as well, please ensure that if you have a zippered heat pouch in your sled that the zipper pull does not interfere with the edge of the glove box. Another thing to note as well is that there are alignment tabs on the lid as well that must line up each time it's closed. With those two things in mind and having our mod installed, the glove box will be the way it should've came from the factory.

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